Our Story

We began in 2016. Cell phone camera and tripod. iMovie editing software and lighting equipment from amazon--we vigorously recorded content to eventually launch a health and wellness Instagram channel. With a goal to create one year's worth of material before launching, we slowly built our archive until December 2018.

We had a plan.

Build an audience of 5,000 people, and develop a content model capable of producing 2M views each month. We gave ourselves one year. If we met these marks-- we'd scale the blog into a full scale production company capable of multiplying these initial standards.

It took three months.
Our Vision

Engage people worldwide, every single day. Relentlessly promote positivity through shows and podcasts easily accessible through many of the world's most popular media platforms.

We'll work to create events and outreach missions that bring people together. The number one responsibility of every company is community service and development of people. You'll see us, everywhere. Worldwide leader in wellness content production and distribution. Outstanding company to work for. Most of all, community servant.

Our vision is clear, stay tuned!